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2016 Season End

And so another fantastic robotics season comes to an end – maybe. Last year was a learning season for the team, as few of us had any extensive experience and we all learned about FIRST Robotics together, but this year,

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Haikus – Team 4014’s Newest Love

As team 4014’s marketing and management (M&M) team leads a brainstorming session on Friday, January 15th, mentor Kathryn McBride makes a seemingly innocent suggestion about how to get more posts on the website’s blog, “You can write anything: a news

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Week 3: Task Management and Prototyping

This weekend, FRC team 4014 has been hard at work tightening up the design of their robot as they begin to model the next contender for the challenge. The team broke off into sub-teams and found individual opportunities to support

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Week 2: Determining Design and Delegating Responsibilities

Throughout the past week, we’ve taken over our generously donated workspace, OSML, to begin the hard work of brainstorming and prototyping possible designs for our FRC Stronghold robot! While building the robot may prove to be challenging, the first step

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2016 Season Kickoff!

And we’re off! The 2016 FIRST Robotics competition entitled “Stronghold” started today with the congregation of robotics team from all over San Diego County to learn the objective of this season’s challenge. While the medieval theme of  “Stronghold” was revealed months ago,

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Beep Bop Booop

Welcome to the new website! This blog area is where we’ll feature all the things we do, and all the progress we’ll make. And all the pictures we’ll take. It’ll be a great year.

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