2012: Rebound Rumble

4014’s first year as a team.2012_game_description_1page

The Competition: Rebound rumble (more info + rules)

Every year there is a new competition this years challenge includes shooting small compact basketballs in to hoops and balancing with one or more robots onto a essentially a teeter toter.

Ellen H. | March 5, 2012

The competition was a huge success! We learned so much and overcame several obstacles, one of which being our bridge mechanism. After realizing that we didn’t have enough force to tip the bridge down so the robot could drive on, the team set to work figuring out a way to push the bridge down. The team tried a few different tactics, including whacking the bridge multiple times to rock it down to the floor, but we ended up settling on the attachment of some convenient diver weights borrowed from another team. Diver weights will now be a staple in our team’s toolbox.

Great job to everyone and congratulations on an amazing season! We have grown as engineers, as people, and as friends through this entire year – let’s keep it going! 🙂