Haikus – Team 4014’s Newest Love

As team 4014’s marketing and management (M&M) team leads a brainstorming session on Friday, January 15th, mentor Kathryn McBride makes a seemingly innocent suggestion about how to get more posts on the website’s blog, “You can write anything: a news update or a song…” which is when mentor Mark Post chimed in, “…or a haiku!” Jokingly, some of the members of the team composed haikus about current progress. Another mentor suggested we create a haiku channel in Slack, the messaging system the team used. By the next morning, the haiku Slack channel was up and running, the team members already exercising their creative muscles.
This suggestion created a new tradition for the team. This tradition has continued on for the entire season. Below are some highlights from our haiku channel.

January 16
kzornado [10:42 AM]
Where is our robot?
I think it went out the door
We’ll have to rebuild.

January 18
nicholasj [5:51 PM]
All robots are cool.
But summer better than most.
I hope we do well.

mrada2017 [6:00 PM]
Where is our robot?
Did sophomores try to fix it?
We’ll just rebuild it

trada [8:35 PM]
Inventory parts
This makes me feel dead inside
It’s been eight hours?

Sunday, no free food.
M&Ms brought anyway.
Faith in man restored.

January 21
fisherman [4:23]
Do ‘bots have feelings?
Their ‘thoughts’ are naught but programs.
Simple answer: no.

January 23
missdefy [1:07]
Who is Dean Kamen?
You call yourself a member?
All hail Dean Kamen

January 24th
mark [8:53]
How hard can fun be?
We make robots rule the field.
Who really needs sleep?

February 5
lucas [12:32 PM]
go under low bar
made dope electronics thing
our cad is on fleek

trada [9:26 PM]
3 functions, 2 arms,
5 outworks, 12 SRX,
1 orchestra of chaos

February 11
lucas [9:06 AM]
five days till bag day
robot is still in pieces
need an extension

lucas [5:17 PM]
turns out bag day is
really a week from Tuesday
I can breathe again

fisherman [10:38 PM]
Forty-eight hours
Constructing our whole robot
Excitement building

February 13
lucas [7:26 AM]
haven’t wasted a
single thought on anything
besides robotics

fboensch [8:37 AM]
That is the spirit!!!
Robot overlord controls
Sucks away our brains

February 15th
fisherman [7:41 PM]
Parts waterjet-cut
Now we just need to construct
Building (finally!)

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